Krista & Daniel


February 17, 2019

Krista + Daniel’s wedding was one of the most relaxed and comfortably paced weddings we have ever photographed.  They made it clear when we met with them that they wanted their day to be very chilled out and very natural (which is exactly how we love to shoot).  

A lot of people who get married will usually request this type of coverage and of course they want it to happen, but sometimes we get caught up in the little details that we forget to appreciate the things that matter most.  Like family, friends and the moment.

The best thing about Krista + Daniel, is they lived it.  They lived the wedding they wanted to live and they didn’t get caught up in the little details.  They enjoyed every moment, and never let anything phase them. They appreciated their family and friends and most importantly each other throughout the entire day and for us as photographers it was so refreshing to be a part of it.  We encourage everyone to enjoy your day to the fullest because, as we are sure you’ve heard, it flies by. And it truly is one of the best days of your lives.

Krista + Dan, thank you for doing it your way.  We had a blast.

Just Love,

J + K